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Over the years, we have assisted many companies in building brand awareness through our diverse styles of creative mobile billboard campaigns. Make your next campaign a success by allowing the MMON staff to provide our experience and professionalism in executing your next mobile marketing campaign. Many of our mobile campaigns have used a variety of components to create maximum effectiveness. So, whether your specific objectives call for our mobile billboards, mobile adbikes, street teams be assured we will reach your target audience more effectively than any other outdoor media.

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Professional: There's an old adage - "You're only as good as your first impression". With that in mind, our staff takes great pride in their professional dress, attitude and a willingness to literally go the extra mile on behalf of the client's product. Our units are always kept in immaculate condition and you will never see an unwashed National Mobile Marketing of Nashville Billboard unit or one in disrepair. Whether it's promoting a clients product solely through mobile billboards or combining mobile advertising with product sampling, MMON employees will always put their best foot forward. Cost Effective When considering out of home (OOH) media the key issue to consider is exposure. Mobile Billboards offer you the effectiveness of reaching all demographics. Our units can target multiple areas within a given day, week, month or year. Comparing this form of media to others, the mobility and shear size of the units outweighs the cost. But that's not good enough. MMON goes further by adding exterior sound systems allowing you to create a commercial to be played while your advertisement is on display. The result is a "talking mobile billboard". We have personal address systems as well as night illumination. So whether you're targeting afternoon events or nightspots around town, we get your product noticed!

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Promotional Teams: Many companies call this form of advertising, which features individuals going through areas on foot disbursing material as "Street Teams". Our "Promotional Teams" will maintain our corporate professionalism while creating a "BUZZ" about your product. We can infiltrate malls, shopping plazas, bars, nightclubs or even grocery stores. We can wear our uniform or your shirts. We will disburse advertising material, coupons, or free drink vouchers, either directly or indirectly. One of our classic infiltrations is our undercover method - call us on this one. To enhance your sampling campaign further you might want to implement our New Adbikes! Product Display Booths Looking for a complete OOH campaign? Well look no further. MMON can setup/staff display or sampling booths throughout the United States. So, whether you're using your own employees or allowing us to professionally represent you, your campaign will go off without a hitch. We can feature product-sampling booths at sporting events, festivals or even in front of the local Wal-Mart store. Your campaign will become a multimedia event when combining these sampling booths with mobile billboards. Driver Disbursements Our drivers can distribute items such as coupons, flyers and even wrapped food samples at no additional cost to the client. These disbursements are made at predetermined spots throughout the campaign day. Our professional uniformed drivers will even wear your company shirt as they disburse your campaign handouts.


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